November the 2nd 2016

Here’s what I sent to subscribers:

Greetings traders!

Entry SHORT UVXY or TVIX or (VXX) at the market at today’s market open at 9.30 AM EST.

Stop Loss = 30% or (20%) from the entry price.
Take Profit = None.

Money Management: Use only 50% of your account for this trade.

If at the close VXX is 5% above today’s VXX opening price, leave 50% of the equity invested (25% of all the account) untill tomorrow’s open at 9.30 AM EST and close 50% of the equity (25% of all the account) at today’s close (4.00 PM EST),
otherwise close everything out at today’s close (4.PM EST).

I looked back for patterns and I found that:

if VXX closes higher than yesterday’s high for 5 times in a row and
if VXX closes above the open for 5 times in a row,

Since VXX inception, 3 times out of 3 VXX closed above the open next day.
Here we are today!

Have a good trading,
Marco Simioni

Losses the never come alone! Another 1,75% loss in spite of the good pattern.




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